Pro4 Wireless Control Terminal PRO4WCT

Pro4 Wireless Control Terminal PRO4WCT

Are you looking for a product which allows you to monitor and control your remote units/equipments? Do you need a product which not only enables remote monitoring and control but also sends you SMS/Email in case of alarm conditions? If yes, then Pro4 Wireless Control Terminal (PRO4WCT) is the product which would fulfill these needs in the most effective and economic way.


PRO4WCT is an advanced yet simplified Remote Terminal Unit. Taking advantage of the reliable, widespread GSM networks and the supported GPRS service, PRO4WCT becomes a remotely accessible unit from any part of the world. Using an embedded feature rich web server interface, you can configure various parameters of PRO4WCT. The inputs present on PRO4WCT can be used for monitoring of external devices or connecting sensors (analog/digital). Alarm conditions can be configured for monitoring of these inputs. Since PRO4WCT supports SMS and SMTP protocols, the device can be configured to send SMS/Email whenever alarm conditions occur. PRO4WCT also gives you the freedom to control the states of the connected outputs. By sending a simple SMS you can change/get the status of the outputs.

Application areas

Given the set of hardware features, software ability and GSM connectivity PRO4WCT is an ideal product for use in wide variety of application areas. With minimal to no effort, PRO4WCT can be easily integrated in an operational system with ease. Some of the application areas could be (the list is however not limited to these application areas):

Interconnect systems wirelessly

Wide coverage of GSM networks and the provision of GPRS connectivity have made it possible to interconnect systems wirelessly. PRO4WCT exploits the benefits of this wireless technology and gives you control of your remote units from any part of this World. All-in-all PRO4WCT is an advanced, effective and an economical solution for fulfilling your needs of remote monitoring and control applications.

Technical features