GSM/GPRS Modem Maestro 100/Lite

GSM/GPRS Modem Maestro 100/Lite

Maestro 100 and 100 Lite supports voice, SMS, fax and data via GSM or GPRS. The modem is sealed in a rugged aluminum enclosure and has very good performance and high reliability.


The Maestro 100 and Maestro 100 Lite modems are using RS232 interface for data so that it can quickly be implemented in most industrial applications. Maestro is configured, like most modems with AT commands. There is two models in the 100 series; Maestro 100 and Maestro 100 Lite. Maestro 100 and Maestro 100 Lite handles data via GPRS or GMS data, where the Maestro 100 has expanded GPRS features and enhanced support for TCP/IP.

Value Added Feature

A free software called Value Added Feature can be installed in the modems. The software includes features call screening (insert a list of allowed numbers), remote configuration via SMS and Autogprs (described below). Note that functions differ between the models.

Easy to use with AutoGPRS

Autogprs is a function that takes the GPRS connection to a new level - far from the customization of each system. Instead, all arrangements for connections is added via GPRS to the modem. This feature makes GPRS easy to use, without any special configurations of the software. Autogprs allows the connected device to automatically connect itself again, for instance if a power failure or temporary disruption in the GSM network occurs. Autogprs is a component of the free VAF package and will only work with the Maestro 100 modem. Enter the correct parameters before installation and the modem will then manage the connection automatically.

Fixed IP addresses

One of the most common questions we get is if you can get a fixed IP address in the GPRS modem. With Autogprs Maestro 100/100 Lite becomes a constantly connected node on the Internet - also with a fixed IP address, provided that your operator supports fixed IP addresses.

Maestro Wireless Package

Maestro Wireless Package is a software for the Maestro modems. Among many useful features, the software can display the current field strength which facilitates choice of antenna and antenna placements in demanding applications. In addition, Maestro Wireless Package can be used to configure various parameters of the modems. The most common functions can be activated by simply checking boxes on the screen. Are you using a special cable? Then our software supports voice calls via the GSM modem. Maestro Wireless Package has an easy user interface when sending faxes and SMS messages via the modems. In addition, the software can be used to make changes in your address book - such as names and phone numbers.

Monitoring and remote control

The modems has an input for the transmission of a signal. The port is used among many for monitoring and alarm transfer. Furthermore, there is a possibility to remotely control one output on the modem. You can, by sending a text message, get the modem to respond with a value of the field strength at the current site. You can also send AT commands via SMS to make the modem perform certain actions.


Maestro is used primarily for data communication between different types of machines, such as transfer of information from a vehicle, operation monitoring, GPS systems, communication with display and advertising boards and alarm system. The modems are used by sole proprietorships to large multinational companies.

Model Specific Features

Features M100evo Crystal M100evo Lite M100evo IP M100evo Advanced
Input - Digital N/A 1
Input - Analog N/A 1
Download Over The Air N/A Optional
Autorestore - Timer Reset Yes
Other Features
Operating Status LED Yes
Casing Plastic Metal
Size (inches/mm) 3.5" x 2.4" x 1"
88 x 60 x 26
3.5" x 2.8" x 0.9"
90 x 72 x 23
Weight 0.15 lbs / 70 g 0.22 lbs / 100 g
Temperature Range
Operating (Celsius/Fahrenheit) -30~ - +75°C / -22~ - +167°F -30~ - +85°C
-22~ - +185°F
Storage (Celsius/Fahrenheit) -40~ - +85°C / -40~ - +185°F -40~ - +85°C
-40~ - +185°F
Optional Accessories
GSM Antenna
900/1800 Mhz
GSM Antenna
850/1900 Mhz
RS232 Cable Interface Yes
Din Clip N/A Yes
Smart Pack II Features
I/O Monitoring N/A Yes
GPRS and IP Configuration Yes
Call Screening Smart Pack Lite
(Local Configuration)
DynDNS Yes
Remote AT Command Yes
Ping Yes
Status Check and Monitoring Yes