Wireless Signals

Wireless Products

Pro4 Wireless products are used by professionals in demanding applications. We have wireless products for almost any distance and purpose. We have handpicked our suppliers and present the best available products for public networks as well as products for private radio nets for users that want to design their own networks.

Mobile Data

Pro4 Wireless has a wide range of GSM, GPRS, 3G, HSDPA and EDGE solutions. With 33 years of industry experience, we have an eye for the perfect wireless solution to fit your needs. Depending on what country you operate in we supply different models.

Radio Modems

Radio modems provide a wireless extension of your cable from distances of a few hundred meters up to several tens of kilometers. We have modems for low data speeds and modems for fast data speeds in our collection. We have modems for short range as well as long range. We have supplied products for under ground system in mines to solutions high up in the sky installed in fighter jets. And with 33 years business experience we have been in contact with almost all possible applications in between the mine and the sky.